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We offer a full suite of online
compliance training modules, including:

Bloodborne Pathogens

HIPAA Training

OSHA Training

DOT Training

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Medical Waste disposal services for cities around Arizona

Arizona Medical Waste is a locally operated company that proudly serves clients throughout the state of Arizona. Our medical waste disposal services are fully compliant and include sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste and chemotherapy waste.

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We provide scheduled and on-call pickups,
processing and disposal of the following:

Biohazardous Waste / Red Bag

Also called infectious waste or biomedical waste. Includes infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood.

Sharps Containers

The FDA recommends a two-step process for properly disposing of used needles and other sharps. We make that process easy!

Dental Waste

We dispose of all types of dental waste, including mercury amalgam and silver-containing wastes such as x-ray fixer.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Any waste which contains medicinal drugs that are expired, unused, contaminated damaged or no long needed.

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